A Benefit Performance of “Gloria: A Life”

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Donor Direct Action presents a Benefit Performance of Gloria: A Life starring Christine Lahti and Gloria Steinem.

Steinem, who will be appear on November 8th only, will lead Act 2, an audience Talking Circle. The play is based on her extraordinary life and weaves together events from her 50 years in social and political activism. Starting from her early years as an audacious reporter and as a founder of Ms. Magazine, the play features personal stories of the people who inspired her, leading to her evolution into a woman who has inspired generations.
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Proceeds will help strengthen the work of front-line groups working in Afghanistan, Congo, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria and other countries around the world. Click here to learn more.

About Donor Direct Action

Donor Direct Action advances women’s rights by connecting front-line activists to front-line donors. Limited access to funding and other support weakens women’s organizations’ ability to sustain their impact, and wastes the vital benefits they could offer. Our goal is to link front line women’s rights partners around the world to money, visibility, & popular support with minimum bureaucracy and maximum impact.

A number of women’s organizations operate with annual income of less than $100,000, and many may have less than $25,000. While the global women’s movement continues to grow, it is positioned well-ahead of its resource base. Donor Direct Action continuously partners activists with donors to help build resources that will in turn support this tremendous growth.

We work with front-line activist groups who are selected based upon their strong leadership and greater potential impact. Some of the groups include the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid & Counseling (WCLAC), Embrace Dignity, Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace (SWFP), the Marta Centre among many others. Click here for a full list of our partners.

How to help Donor Direct Action
Donations are most important to our cause and directly help the front line partners of our partner organizations in their work to stop violence and discrimination against women and to promote equality.

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