“We Oppose Violence Everywhere Now” (WOVEN), is a nonprofit organization based out of New York City that aspires to end violence in our lifetime. Built on the belief that rejecting violence is not insurmountable, WOVEN is designed to serve as a platform for the world to collaborate and take action with innovative, new solutions for solving today’s issues of violence, as well as act as a vehicle for peaceful advocacy.


WOVEN is building a global network to end violence. Through our digital platform and through urban print art and grassroots organizing, WOVEN will unite issues revolving around conflict with problem solvers etc.

WOVEN is the aggregate of individuals, communities, and nations who choose peaceful resolutions, and refuse to accept violence as an inevitable, incurable norm. WOVEN is a neutral, common ground to collaboratively organize and engineer effective solutions to violence. We believe that, provided the resources, support and appropriate platform, we can end violence on this planet.


Our vision is to end violence in our lifetime.


WOVEN’s Story

WOVEN, launched in November 2013, is a nonprofit organization uniting new and experienced peace. WOVEN bridges the gap between information, resources and innovative problem-solvers, and facilitate real change to today’s violent actions.

WOVEN seeks to create an interactive space for all those around the world, sharing the vision to end violence. By promoting non-violence advocates, their events and their work we will be able to harness the greatest power of humanity- the power of our collective will.

From violence within ourselves to violence against each other, we believe in humanity’s collective capacity to reverse the trend towards violence.


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