VOICES: Responding to Mass Violence

Mary Fetchet and Beverly Eckert met at a gathering of families after losing a son and husband, respectively. Knowing the obstacles faced by those impacted by the attacks of September 11, 2001, they formed  VOICES of September 11 as a grass-roots organization to provide information and support to those families. Since 2001, VOICES has addressed the long-term needs of […]


Conflict Resolution Programs in Higher Education

Many colleges and universities in the United States offer Conflict Resolution Programs committed to peace using dialogue-based methods to manage and resolve conflict.

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE A secular liturgical performance of Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

The Power of Non-Violence and Negotiation

Contemporary leaders learn from studying history and the individuals who have gone before. We look at one recent performance and two books published in 2017 that allow us insights into the past and inspire our work today.


Earth Day: Exposing the Environmental Costs of War

For centuries, war has not only involved the annihilation of human life, but also environmental destruction, in the forms of both ‘collateral damage’ and deliberate damage to environments.

K-12 EDUCATION: Discipline Disparities for Black Students, Boys, and Students with Disabilities

Discipline Disparities for Black Students, Boys, and Students with Disabilities

In March, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) released the results of a study showing that black students, boys, and students with disabilities were disproportionately disciplined.

Sarah Beaulieu at the HBO premier of The Uncomfortable Conversation video screening

Uncomfortable Conversations … that become solutions

When Sarah Beaulieu’s delivered a TEDx talk in 2016 on the topic of sexual violence, the talk received such response she started an organization: Uncomfortable Conversation.


Conflict resolution training in the classroom

Diana Wege has been passionate about the need to incorporate conflict resolution training into the classroom.  Before founding WOVEN (We Oppose Violence Everywhere Now) she established CrUSAde (Conflict Resolution for Educators in the United States of America), a foundation that focused on anti-bullying programs.

Gene Sharp

WOVEN salutes the life and work of Dr. Gene Sharp

WOVEN salutes the life life and work of Dr. Gene Sharp: through his work, through his writing, through his dedication to understanding revolution and non-violence.

Kyoung H. Park, founder of the peace making theater Kyoung's Pacific Beat

Theatrical Interventions: Kyoung H. Park

Kyoung H. Park founded Kyoung’s Pacific Beat (KPB), a peacemaking theater company, in 2011. The mission of the Brooklyn based company is to encourage a culture of peace through the production of new theater works. His most recent work is Pillowtalk, which was recently performed at The Tank in Manhattan, as part of The Exponential […]

search for common ground, gwendolyn myers

The Story of Gwendolyn Myers by Search for Common Ground

We wanted to share this story from one of our resources, Search for Common Ground, in the quest for peace in our world: As a child, Gwendolyn Myers begged her father to take her to the airport. Not being wealthy, she’d never seen an airplane. But she’d heard about them. She had to see these things for […]



One in five children will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday. Nearly three quarters of them won’t speak about it for at least a year, and almost half of them won’t speak about it for at least five. Some of them never speak. These silent scars can lead to long term effects such as […]


Blue Marble Dreams

When Rwandan drummer and playwright, Odile Gakire Katese met Jennie Dundas, co-founder and co-owner of Blue Marble Ice Cream at a workshop at the Sundance Institute, her social justice dream was born based on an unlikely product we can all feel pretty good about:  ice cream. Odile had a vision to empower her all-women drumming […]


The Malala Fund – Improving Educational Access for Girls

The Malala Fund, founded in honor of one of Pakistan’s most recent heroes, Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani student activist who survived a Taliban assassination attempt in 2012, will work to improve access, quality and safety for girls’ learning environments in the most remote areas of Pakistan. At present, there are 3.8 million girls not attending […]


Vision of Humanity

Ever wonder who’s keeping score for peace? Vision of Humanity, an initiative of the Institute for Economics and Peace.  This group churns out a Global Peace Index (GPI), a fairly recent annual report measuring 162 nations’ ‘absence of violence’ and peacefulness.  Based on 22 qualitative and quantitative indicators, and presented in a user-friendly, visually appealing way, the Index […]


LuminAID – Light in the Darkness

When a crisis hits a community, response teams accelerate into full gear delivering water, food, medicine, and supplies for shelter. But after the sun sets, with no infrastructure left to light the night, life gets dark – literally.


MyWorld – The UN Global Survey

MyWorld, a United Nations global survey developed in concert with the World Wide Web Foundation, the Overseas Development Institute, and Ipsos Mori, asks you to cast your online ‘vote’ for priorities in policies you believe would help shape a better world.

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