Land America Leaves Wild, by Diana Wege

Land America Leaves Wild

Art has always had a celebratory function. It has feted the glory of the gods, the purity of an aesthetic ideal, and the appearance of a person. It has commemorated the coronation of an emperor, the birth of a child, and the importance of a religion. It has also applauded victory in battle, the wealth of patrons, and the capability of materials. And across cultures and times, art has also celebrated nations and landscapes.


More From Less: The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources – and What Happens Next

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the reigning argument has been that taking better care of the planet means radically changing course: reducing our consumption, learning to share and reuse, and restraining growth.

Making Peace with the Earth: Action and Advocacy for Climate Justice by Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Making Peace with the Earth: Action and Advocacy for Climate Justice

This book gathers the expertise of activists, theologians, and faith-based organizations to inspire and encourage churches everywhere in grassroots work and advocacy for climate justice.


Columbine in Crimea

Air travel opened up the possibility of travel around the globe. Initially it was for those few privileged who could afford the cost. Eventually travel became more affordable allowing more and more people to move between countries and continents creating what became recognized as global citizens. Then came the Internet, further connecting individuals and cultures.

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