2017 Florida Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Day

Join us in Tallahassee on Thursday, April 13 for the 2017 Florida Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Day. This event will bring together individuals, agencies, organizations, churches and state legislators to educate the public on the issue of human trafficking in Florida. Together we will shine a light on the great injustices of modern day slavery. The mission of the Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Day is to build a collaboration of stakeholders who are passionate about abolishing human trafficking and supporting survivors, through advocacy, awareness, legislation and restoration. Attendees will be inspired by Christian leaders, elected officials, and courageous survivors. Please join us for this historic day at the Florida Capitol, on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

Legislative Hosts Include:

  • Representative Jennifer Sullivan, District 31
  • Representative Frank White, District 2
  • Representative Ross Spano, District 59
  • Representative Mike Miller, District 47
  • Senator Dennis Baxley, District 12
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