2nd International Symposium on the Future of Liberia


  • To engage the Diasporas leaders regarding their role in ending impunity and building a culture of peace and Human rights in Liberia, namely the Building Blocks of Peace.
  • To usher Liberia into a new socio-economic and political dispensation in which genuine national reconciliation, healing, forgiveness, justice, accountability and the rule of law would be placed at the top of national development agenda.
  • To respond to the basic needs of Liberia’s war victims which remain unaddressed since the end of the civil war more than a decade ago.
  • To identify Liberia’s war victims and their basic needs.
  • To inspire national/international dialogues & reflection on Liberia’s UGLY PAST and create an environment  for a broad conversation & consensus-building aimed at consolidating genuine peace and participatory democracy in Liberia and the sub-region.
  • To cultivate partnership and collaboration with the Government of Liberia (GoL) to strengthen and enhance the Liberian peace process and meeting the basic needs of the country’s war victims.
  • To  raise funds for the construction of a national memorial and  monuments at historical sites throughout the country dedicated to honoring and memorializing Liberian war victims, as well as support other peace building initiatives including former Vice President Bokai’s foundation.
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