4th Annual SE Missouri Suicide Prevention and Awareness Conference #SEMOSP17 HOPE & HEALING

Craig A. Miller, author of This is How it Feels: A memoir of attempting suicide and finding life, shares his story of childhood traumas, suicide and ultimately recovery. Craig will highlight the incredible solace he found in creativity and how believing his pain had purpose taught him invaluable coping skills when struggling to find mental wellness. Learn how Craig’s beliefs coupled with his passion for creative self-expression led him along a journey through life and wellness one step at a time. Craig will highlight some of the coping skills that have allowed him to truly find peace in his life: his writing that told the stories he did not have the strength to voice aloud, his photography that captures emotions he did not have the ability to otherwise convey, and his work in the mental health community that ultimately has proven to him that we are not alone. Craig’s journey is one of hope, art, expression, and action. He aims to prove that, one step at a time, we can create the change we want in our lives.

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