Annual Global Conference on Human Trafficking

SAFE 2016 in Washington DC will build on the tremendously successful SAFE 2014 conference in Chicago as we shifted from speeches and presentations to interactive panels comprised of multi-faceted professionals and activists dedicated to real-world solutions to the scourge of human trafficking.

SAFE 2016 is not a 101 conference.  It is designed specifically for participants who are interested in or can contribute tangible and tested solutions in the areas of:  prevention, identification, treatment, investigations, prosecutions, and underlying trafficking precipitators.

SAFE 2016 will expand beyond the sex trade to additionally address lesser highlighted, yet equally traumatic, forms of rights violations such as labor, child marriage, organ theft, and child soldiers.  We will also focus on victims often overlooked, under-identified, or under-served such as the male population.

SAFE 2016 will offer groundbreaking panels, discussions, and workshops featuring survivors with valuable insight and feedback, activists with proven successes, experienced professionals with replicable programs, and leaders with demonstrable track records.

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