Building Bridges | A Christian-Muslim Interfaith Dialogue

Conversations that Matter is a program that takes on issues that are important to all of us as a community. We seek to provide a safe space where diverse perspectives will be represented at each conversation. Our goals are to strengthen communities through respectful listening and dialogue; to build bridges of understanding between people of diverse experiences; to discover our common hopes and dreams.

Building Bridges | A Christian-Muslim Interfaith Dialogue
At The Church of Saint Luke in the Fields
Sunday, March 26 at 1:30 pm

With recent political decisions to attempt to ban Muslims and refugees from entering this nation for a better life or even for safety, what is our role in responding as people of faith? As a nation founded upon principles of religious freedom and enshrined in our Constitution, what are the duties of a Christian majority in defending the freedom of religious minorities? Fear is a highly controlling force that plays a major role in the narrative around Muslims – and a lack of common understanding about Islam as a religion often fuels the fire of fear.

At this moment in time, this a vital “Conversation” for us to share.

We will discuss:

  • what our faiths share in common;
  • the “Muslim experience” in this country;
  • ways that we can support each other in our communities as people of faith;
  • ways that Christians and Muslims can work together to strive for peace, justice and understanding in our communities and the greater world.
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