Building Inclusive, Stronger Peace Processes: Here’s How by U.S. Institute of Peace

Experts Offer Ways to Ensure the Impact of Programs to Halt Violent Conflicts

Increasingly, peacebuilding organizations are pressing for greater evidence that their limited resources are having impact. Some organizations have difficulty collecting data about their programs that can show which ones are most effective. Some have faced internal resistance to innovations intended to improve the evaluation and accountability of programs.

Yet the work of accountability is vital to prove the case for peacebuilding as a strategy—and to sustain support from donors and taxpayers. Several non-government organizations—including Alliance for Peacebuilding, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, Mercy Corps and Search for Common Ground—have formed a Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium. This group is developing better tools for the design, monitoring and evaluation of programs abroad.

On March 7, members of the consortium will describe their findings, including new tools that can assess and improve the effectiveness of peacebuilding programs.

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