Designing Peacebuilding Programmes

Designing Peacebuilding Programmes (DPP) is an in-depth practical training in programme development, design, planning and implementation; drawing comprehensively on best-practice approaches from peacebuilding, development and humanitarian aid, and recovery – as well as methods and approaches for strategic planning and programme and organisational development customised in on-the-ground peacebuilding programmes.

DPP provides organisations and participants with methods to significantly improve the quality, relevance, and impact of their programmes. It has been evaluated as probably the single most important and advanced training on how to design peacebuilding programmes that actually achieve impact and effect, providing immediate results helping organisations and staff improve the practical quality of their work and programmes. Participants and participating organisations engage with their actual programmes and operations and use the framework of Designing Peacebuilding Programmes to learn leading methodologies while improving actual work in practice.

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