In the Face of Rage: Responding to Anger in Yourself and Othersnce

People don’t shout at you, they shout for themselves. Anger is a protective emotion, but it can do harm if it not controlled. Providing both knowledge and skills, this workshop will assist participants to manage their own anger and to reach beneath another person’s anger, to meet their needs without ‘giving in’ or ‘being abusive’.


  • Understanding anger and rage (in ourselves and others)
  • Personal anger management and a tool for clients
  • Responding to the 3 stages of anger/rage:
    (1) effective listening in the face of anger,
    (2) assertive talking in the face of verbal abuse,
    (3) strategic separation in the face of rage/violence

This workshop is ideal for professionals in the community services sector, including counsellors, social workers, social service workers.

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