Inside Out: Leading from a Connected Place

pcp-664-580x387Did you see Pixar’s Inside Out? Then you’ve been introduced to some of the “parts” that guide how you react, relate, and communicate. A strong understanding of our sub-personality “parts” and essential “self” helps us to lead and communicate with calmness, curiosity and compassion. A specialty workshop combining the best of Public Conversations’ and Internal Family Systems’ approaches to constructive communication across difference – in families or communities navigating division, conflict, or trauma.

In this one day workshop participants will:

  • Learn the basics of Public Conversations’ and Internal Family Systems approaches.
  • Explore the ways that self-protective parts can help and hinder thinking, feeling and communication.
  • Understand the effects of threat on perception, feeling, thinking and communicating.
  • Identify the experience of “self” when working at highest potential practice speaking from self when under pressure.
  • Learn ways to design meetings to invite more “self” and reduce the need for protective parts.
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