Teaching LGBTQIA Youth: Creating Safe Spaces for Learning

September 26,  2016
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Adelphi University
Student Center
Garden City, NY


Participants: Building and District Leaders are encouraged to bring a team of teachers, particularly those responsible for providing health and wellness education to children grades k-12:  Health Educators, Special Educators, Psychologists, School Counselors and Social Workers, along with district administrators are essential members of this team

Thirty percent or more of LGBT youth have missed one or more day of school for fear of victimization or bullying. The situation is worse for students in rural Long Island, with absence rates as high as 36%. The sad but true facts go on and on: eight out of ten students face harassment (higher for students of color and those who are transgender or living in rural areas). Students who face victimization are also less likely to aspire to attend college. This is devastating.

This  conference involves a series of hand-on presentations and workshops focused on creating safe and supportive environments and improving self-advocacy and leadership skills so participants can better understand themselves, advocate for equality, and enhance their schools and communities.  The participants may be teachers, psychologists, social workers, school leaders, and allies. Come spend time building community and sharing resources for creating safer, more affirming schools for LGBTQ youth.

Workshop Participants Will:

  • Learn about the experience of LGBTQIA youth
  • Gain greater insight into the impact of homophobic environments on youth
  • Develop strategies for creating safer spaces in schools

Colby Berger, Ed.M., MSW, Director Silver Lining Mentoring, Inc.
Aaron Braun, Community Educator, LGBT Network
Galo Cunto, LCSW, Supervising Social Worker, Long Island Crisis Center, Pride for Youth
LGTBQIA Students, Long Island Schools and Universities

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