The Toxic Workplace: Effective Strategies to Eliminate Bullying in the Work

Recommended for Managers & Employees

When most people hear the word harassment with respect to the work place, they almost immediately think of sexual harassment. Although sexual harassment still plagues the workplace, there is another form of harassment on the rise: workplace bullying. The impact of workplace bullying is similar to that of other forms of harassment and discrimination including reduced productivity, undue stress and increased conflict. However, there is no federal or state law in place prohibiting bullying in the workplace.

Movies like The Devil Wears Prada are raising awareness about workplace bullies and there’s nothing fictional about the issue. In recent polls, 37% of workers in the U.S. reported that they’ve been bullied at work (Workplace Bullying Institute and Zogby International). Wise employers aren’t waiting for public mandates to force them to implement anti-bullying policies. They recognize that the only way to retain employees, stimulate recruitment and maintain a healthy, happy and more productive workforce is to have a zero tolerance policy.

In this training, participants will learn what workplace bullying is and the various forms bullying takes. The training addresses abusive bosses, co-workers and clients. It explains both how to avoid bullying behavior and how best to respond.

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