Veterans for Peace to Join “Disarm Trident” Peace Walk

DISARM TRIDENT activists will walk down the length of Georgia’s coast from Savannah to the Kings Bay Submarine Base. Walkers concur with the Plowshares activists’ belief that our true national security lies in achieving the long overdue objective of nuclear disarmament. Nuclear weapons are a theft from the poor. People in Georgia and across the South desperately need resources squandered on the war economy.

We will walk in solidarity with the Kings Bay Plowshares Seven, calling for the abolition of the Trident submarines and all nuclear weapons. Savannah is the home of Gulfstream, a business jet manufacturer wholly owned by General Dynamics, contractor for the making of the Tridents and one of the largest military contractors in the world. Kings Bay Naval Base is the home to six Trident subs, each one having the explosive capacity of at least 5,000 and up to 9,000 Hiroshimas. We will walk in nonviolence and prayer with the hope of bending the moral arc of the world towards justice and peace.

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