Women, War, and What They Fed the Children – Retreat

Ashlar Center for Narrative Arts presents:
The Story that Wants to be Told: Applying the arts to the life story

October 27 – November 2, 2015 in Tlaxcala, México

We human beings are wired for story, a basic instinct – stories rumble around in us. Telling them is what we do and have always done. Early in our evolution, our connections, communities, celebrations, mournings and healings were built around the stories we told and needed to tell. We painted them on walls or on clothe. We sculpted them in wood and stone. The story was danced. It was sung. It was spoken and drummed and written. We ritualized our stories to rejoice or lament unforgettable moments both collective and deeply personal.

The focus of this year’s workshop is to introduce our project: Women, War, and What they fed the children – collecting stories and bringing peace to our own lives and our worlds – whether it is the inner world, the family, community or nation. There is always a story and every person’s story is important and needs to be told.

The retreat lasts five days, and each begins with one of the Self Care activities, followed by instruction and work on the life story. The day will finish at 3:30 PM leaving the afternoons free for relaxation, local trips, activities or spending quiet time alone.

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