Peace is Loud’s Advocacy

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Peace is LoudWe’re thrilled to share with you the advocacy efforts of Peace Is Loud, a nonprofit organization actively supporting peaceful resolutions to conflict through documentary media, speaking events highlighting women peacebuilders, and social action peace campaigns. Founded in 2009 by philanthropist and documentary filmmaker, Abigail Disney, following the production of her first documentary film, Pray the Devil Back to Hell.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell tells the story of Liberian women who organized and mobilized together to bring an end to Liberia’s civil war.  Since the first official screening of Pray the Devil Back to Hell, the film has positively empowered women around the world to envision themselves as peacebuilders in their own countries, and to act as such. Peace is Loud is a platform for women peacebuilders past, present and in training to recognize the potential for – and their own potential to enact – peace in their own communities.

Thanks to Peace is Loud and their excellent blog, we’re learning about innovative solutions for positive social change. Their friends at Skylight recently developed The Toolbox, an online tool that maps apps and related social good articles geared to better equip and enable social justice activists.

Track current social justice movements according to your interest worldwide with the CrowdVoice app; explore the Ahwaa bilingual tool designed to educate and enable youth in the Middle East on current LGBTQ advocacy, issues and resources without jeopardizing their safety; or suggest your own tool. Skylight is listening.

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