Presenting our Partner in Gun Violence Prevention, Brady

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Brady, America’s oldest gun violence prevention group, is named for Jim Brady, who served as White House Press Secretary under President Reagan until a gunshot to the head during an assassination attempt on the president left him partially paralyzed for life. The “Brady Bill” was signed by President Clinton in 1993, after a seven-year battle in Congress, requiring Brady Background Checks on all handgun purchases from federally licensed firearm dealers. Though this legislature was a great victory, Brady’s fight to end gun violence didn’t stop there. The organization continues to advocate for victims of gun violence and push for common-sense gun laws at the state and federal level.

Brady advocates for the prevention of gun violence through proactive legislation. Brady’s first priority is the expansion of background check legislation. While Brady Background Checks have been successful in many cases in keeping guns out of dangerous hands, the system needs to be adjusted to require background checks on purchases made at gun shows or online. Brady also advocates for access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to be restricted and for Congress to ban bump stocks and any similar accessories that may be produced in the future.

The Brady group believes that Congress must appropriate funding for the CDC to study the gun violence epidemic that plagues our nation. Thorough, evidence-based research will allow us to fully understand the scope of the problem and identify the best solutions to prevent future gun violence. They also push for the allocation of federal funding for community-based programs that address the root causes of urban gun violence. Evidence-based gun violence prevention and intervention programs have proven to help break cycles of violence, and should be utilized more frequently. Investments in these programs often pay for themselves several times over, as they stem the negative economic impact of gun violence. Learn more about Brady’s comprehensive plan to address gun violence in our nation.

WOVEN is proud to partner with Brady. Not only do we share a vision of a peaceful world, Brady is an inspiring success story of effective change in America. As we aid them in their mission to reduce gun violence 25% by 2025, we grow closer to our own goal of ending violence in our lifetime. By aiding each other, we further both of our goals. Brady focuses on created a united front against gun violence, bringing together the old and the young, liberals and conservatives, East Coasters and West Coasters, to work as one to free the country from the gun violence epidemic. WOVEN is proud to be an active participant in this union.

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