Afghan Institute of Learning

Area of Anti-Violence:
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Kabul, Herat, Afghanistan, Peshawar, Pakistan

Other Information:
AIL is an Afghan, women run, non-governmental organization (NGO) which was founded in 1995 by Dr. Sakena Yacoobi to help address the crisis of poor access to education and health services for Afghan people especially women and children. These people cannot support their lives, and this has a huge impact on Afghan society as a whole.

AIL’s internationally recognized work plays a major role by creating or reconstructing education and health systems capable of reaching the women and children and men of Afghanistan--whether in refugee camps or in their homeland. AIL’s visionary programs have had a major impact and are now being replicated by the Afghan government and other NGOs in the region.

AIL presently has offices in Kabul and Herat, Afghanistan and in Peshawar, Pakistan. It is run by women and 70% of its employees are women. AIL has offered preschool through university education, training opportunities to teachers in interactive, critical thinking methodologies and training for members of civil society in subjects such as human rights, women’s rights, leadership, and peace. AIL also provides health education and health care through its clinics, health outreach to places such as orphanages and schools and through the wide reaching Community Health Workers Program.

AIL believes that an educated people are the key to a future developed Afghanistan. With that in mind, AIL works to empower all Afghans who are needy and oppressed by expanding their education and health opportunities and by fostering self-reliance and community participation. AIL’s goals are to lay a foundation for quality education and good health for years to come and to provide comprehensive education and health services to Afghan women and children, so that they can support and care for themselves.
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