Asian University for Women Support Foundation

Area of Anti-Violence:

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Mission Statement/Vision:
AUW seeks: To educate women to become highly motivated and effective professionals, leaders, and service-oriented citizens; To provide a vibrant and diverse residential learning community where highly talented women and those with uncommon potential from many cultural and religious backgrounds can grow both intellectually and personally; To create a student-focused learning environment where the humanities and natural and social sciences establish a broad base of inquiry, where disciplinary and independent studies provide learning depth, and where applied studies in both the general studies and majors’ curricula require students to link theoretical understanding with contemporary issues and challenges facing Asia and the world; and To focus student learning on the acquisition of intellectual abilities, reflective personal growth, leadership abilities, and a service-oriented outlook. The Asian University for Women seeks to graduate women who will be skilled and innovative professionals, service-oriented leaders in the businesses and communities in which they will work and live, and promoters of intercultural understanding and sustainable human and economic development in Asia and throughout the world.

Major Supporters:
"AUW SUPPORT GROUPS The members of the AUW Support Groups in Hong Kong, Japan, and UK assist with outreach and development activities to help fulfill the University's mission of educating the most promising young women of Asia. AUW Hong Kong Co-chairs: YJ Kim and Veronica Thomas Lee AUW Japan Co-chairs: Kathy Matsui, Catherine Sasanuma, and Saniya Bloomer AUW United Kingdom Co-Chairs: Brenda Trenowden and Anne Makepeace"

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