Global Peace Foundation

Area of Anti-Violence:
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Washington DC

Mission Statement/Vision:
Global Peace Foundation is an international, non-sectarian organization that promotes an innovative values-based approach to peacebuilding.

About the Global Peace Foundation

The Global Peace Foundation convenes and implements development projects and conferences on grassroots peacebuilding, education, entrepreneurship, and youth leadership development.

Global Peace Foundation works alongside thousands of public and private sector partners delivering substantive outcomes in several global regions.

Understanding our shared identity and common aspirations as members of the human family establishes a basis for lasting peace. Religious and wisdom traditions have unique insights into transcendent truths, shared values, and codes of conduct that provide practical guidance on daily life and foster social cohesion.

One example of their programs is The PeaceHub Campaign

The PeaceHub Campaign is a much-needed public awareness and educational campaign, uniquely designed for communities.

We are living in difficult times where mass shootings and hate crimes challenge our recognition of common standards of humanity. But there is also a rising movement of peacebuilding and compassion in our communities that provides hope for change. Diverse people and communities from all ethnicities, backgrounds, and all faith perspectives—or none—can work together to build compassion, connections, and mutual appreciation.

Global Peace Foundation cultivates social cohesion and peace by bringing diverse stakeholders together to collaborate on social innovation and civic projects.

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