Iftiin Foundation


Area of Anti-Violence:

Mission Statement/Vision:
Iftiin Foundation is a social enterprise that incubates entrepreneurs and social ventures in conflict-affected countries to accelerate peace. Mohamed Abdulkadir Ali founded Iftiin Foundation in 2012 to encourage a culture of change, peace and innovation among entrepreneurs and young leaders in post-conflict countries starting with his native Somalia. He is a Somali-American peace strategist, human rights activist and social entrepreneur. Iftiin, which means “light” in Somali, seeks to support local entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs working in some of the most challenging environments in the world to rise to their true potential and spark changes that will pave the way for peace. Iftiin Foundation believes that entrepreneurs play an important role in accelerating peace in post-conflict and conflict-affected countries. Across the world, conflict, piracy, terrorism and instability can have complex and varied causes, but in regions saddled with the dangerous combination of a large youth population and chronic unemployment, the risks are magnified. Ultimately, one of the key solutions to achieving stability and long-lasting peace is in the private sector and in entrepreneurship. In fragile communities, where often the private sector provides as much as 90 percent of employment, entrepreneurs are the key drivers of development. Fighting terrorism and eliminating piracy in countries like Somalia should take a multi-pronged approach of which fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, peace innovation and empowering youth is the key to long-term peace and stability. Iftiin Foundation is committed to collaborating with peers, contributing thought leadership, sharing experiences, and developing and fostering innovative projects that allow a community of changemakers to flourish.

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