Safe and Sound Schools

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Area of Anti-Violence:
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Newtown, CT

Mission Statement/Vision:
We are Safe and Sound.  Sandy Hook parents, educators, and community members—all inspired by our children and educators who perished on December 14, 2012. We chose to raise our families in Newtown, CT, a small town where crime is low and values are strong. We chose Sandy Hook Elementary School, a place of love, learning, and acceptance. When our children boarded their school buses and their teachers left for work on December 14th, we never imagined that it might be for the last time. We all felt safe in our peaceful town and in our high-ranking schools. We learned, too painfully, that we were not. Gaining entry to our locked school–and access to our beloved children and teachers–was as simple as breaking a glass window.
The measures, plans, and procedures we relied upon failed us, tragically. Despite our sorrow, and though we come from a variety of backgrounds, we are united in our mission: To better protect our schools. To provide safe schools, secure schools, for our children and educators. And to help others do the same in their communities. Joined by school communities across the country and supported by national school safety experts, mental health, fire, and law enforcement professionals, our community has grown and our resolve has strengthened. Together can make a difference. Together we can make our schools Safe and Sound.

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