The Dialogue Project

Area of Anti-Violence:

Mission Statement/Vision:
The Dialogue Project is a conflict transformation organization. Our mission is to develop mutual trust, relationships and partnerships among ourselves – long time citizens, new immigrants, Palestinians, Israelis and people of diverse faiths and cultures. We explore differences and common values; the intersection of new immigrant traditions with our western cultures, and move from personal empowerment to community empowerment. We identify issues & action projects that affect our lives in New York and our families in the Middle East. We cultivate a space where we choose to take a risk with each other, and the opportunity to practice: active and generous listening, reflection, Speaking from the “I” without attack, and acknowledgement. We meet regularly and with commitment. We find we have differences and we also learn how to make spaces for each other, as the unique humans we are. Each of us inheriting a world view and narrative so different than the other. Our ultimate goal is to move from personal empowerment to community empowerment, by enabling people to use dialogue skills to address areas of intergroup conflict.

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