The Uncomfortable Conversation

The Uncomfortable Conversation

Area of Anti-Violence:
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Mission Statement/Vision:

The Uncomfortable Conversation, grew out of the response to Sarah Beaulieu’s TEDx talk in 2016. Since then, she logged hundreds of hours talking to men on the topic of sexual violence and immersing herself in what makes sexual violence such a polarizing and uncomfortable topic.

The most interesting discovery throughout this journey has been the realization that men and women alike have little idea how to talk about sexual violence, a startling prospect given how unfortunately prevalent sexual violence is in our society today.

This void led to The Uncomfortable Conversation, dedicated to normalizing these conversations, especially for young men. The Uncomfortable Conversation, Inc. has produced more than 50 short-form videos that illustrate these conversations in educational, engaging, and often, humorous ways.

Over the next several months, The Uncomfortable Conversation will be distributing this content and conducting outreach to ensure it reaches those who need it the most, starting with college campuses and ultimately expanding to K-12 schools and employers.

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