Waging Nonviolence


Area of Anti-Violence:

Brooklyn, NY - United States

Mission Statement/Vision:
Waging Nonviolence is a source for original news and analysis about struggles for justice and peace around the globe. Ordinary people build power using nonviolent strategies and tactics every day, even under the most difficult of circumstances, yet these stories often go unnoticed or misunderstood by a media industry fixated on violence and celebrity. Since 2009, WNV has been reporting on these people-powered struggles and helping their participants learn from one another, because we know that they can and do change the world.

We view nonviolence as neither a fixed ideology nor merely a collection of strategies. It is not passivity or the avoidance of conflict. Rather, “waging nonviolence” is the active pursuit of a better, less violent society by means worthy of the goal and those best suited to achieving it. WNV welcomes a diversity of voices and viewpoints that seek alternatives to violence through people power.

Nearly all content on Waging Nonviolence is available to be shared and reused as widely as possible. Unless otherwise noted, everything we publish falls under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license, which permits reuse and adaptation with attribution to WNV and the author. (If you reuse our content, we always appreciate it if you let us know.) Our work has been featured in outlets such as Al Jazeera, AlterNet, Democracy Now!, The Guardian, Harper’s Magazine, In These Times, The Nation, The New York Times, NPR, Salon, Yes! Magazine, and many more.

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