We Are All The Same Inside

We Are All The Same Inside


Area of Anti-Violence:

New York, NY

Mission Statement/Vision:
The primary purpose of We Are All The Same Inside is to help all peoples and life long learners to embrace our common humanity, while exploring the various aspects of diversity.
A building or community having diversity policies does not necessarily build acceptance or tolerance for differences.
Even when a mission and organization’s culture is built on wanting differences to be valued and respected, lack of understanding and respect for each individual can make eliminating intolerance, scapegoating and lack of acceptance for differences a challenge.

Other Information:

The Sage Doll-Making Workshop

In We Are All The Same Inside, there is a mind-shift from “blue-to-you,” as participants and / or students meet a neutral and highly likable blue-colored Sage character, who is an alien from space with all the same internal organs as a human-being, and see Sage turn into a personalized doll / puppet, or avatar, of their own creation with an outer skin they individually design on their own.
This program subtly brings the message about reasons our differences on the outside do not separate us in the most important of all ways, who and what we are inside.

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