Web of Benefit

Area of Anti-Violence:

Wellesley, MA - United States

Mission Statement/Vision:
Web of Benefit, Inc. is a non-profit organization created by women affected by domestic violence for women escaping domestic violence. Our mission is to promote liberation from domestic violence and ensure the personal and financial independence of survivors, while breaking the inter-generational cycle of abuse. Our goals are:
  • To empower survivors to advance from safety, to stability, to self-sufficiency and economic independence.
  • To mentor survivors in order for them to rebuild their dreams by dreaming big and focusing small.
  • To create a realistic plan to reach each goal.
  • To create and strengthen partnerships and collaborations with agencies, foundations, corporations and private individuals to achieve our goals.
Web of Benefit operates under a "pay it forward" philosophy, where each woman assisted contributes to the Web of Benefit network by doing three good works, on whatever level she is able, for other women in need.

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