LuminAID – Light in the Darkness

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luminAIDWhen a crisis hits a community, response teams accelerate into full gear delivering water, food, medicine, and supplies for shelter.  But after the sun sets, with no infrastructure left to light the night, life gets dark – literally. Surviving the night can be a post-natural disaster victim’s greatest challenge.

Enter LuminAID:  solar lights delivered in what many would mistake as an intravenous bag that stores up to 15 hours of LED light. They package flat, are lightweight, and, when inflated, produce a soft, diffused light that protects eyes from LED glare – and, of course,  become, buoyant, which comes in pretty handy for rescue teams working the night shift.

When a victim has light, aid workers can more easily locate and bring them to safety, and the vulnerable are less likely to face violence that might have otherwise gone hidden in the dark.

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