Julia Bacha of Just Vision

Posted in: News, Peacebuilding

“…Violent resistance and nonviolent resistance share one very important thing in common: they’re both a form of theater, seeking an audience to their cause.”

Julia BachaJulia Bacha, Brazilian Filmmaker and Media Director at Just Vision, threw a curveball to a Ted Talk audience in 2011, suggesting that for nonviolence to grow in Palestine, it’ll take more than Palestinians adopting actions of nonviolence. Instead, she suggests that if our media shifted its lens towards those who’ve already adopted nonviolence, violent leaders will lose their platform on which to perform and enlist support for their cause.  What a novel idea.

Julia’s message is part of a collaborative mission at Just Vision, a team comprised of conflict resolution experts, filmmakers and journalists, and human rights advocates from Palestine, Israel, and North and South America, who tell the less documented stories in which nonviolence succeeds. We love that Just Vision captures the peace building action of nonviolent, grassroots leaders.

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