The Story of Samuel Seabury Playground

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On Thursday, January 19, 2017, we will be forming our Circle of Peace at 5:30 pm beginning at a historic playground at Lexington and 96th Street. Samuel Seabury Playground honors the late Judge Samuel Seabury (1873-1958), a renowned public servant who was a direct descendent of the first American Episcopal bishop, Dr. Samuel Seabury III. Samuel Seabury was born in Manhattan. Barely twenty years old, he graduated from New York Law School in 1893 and was admitted to the New York Bar. Acknowledging the rampant corruption plaguing the New York court system, Seabury led several reform campaigns against Tammany Hall, the downtown political organization run by the notorious “bosses” of the New York City Democratic Party, William M. Tweed (1823-1878) and John Kelly (1822-1886).

With that same integrity and civil justice, we will join hands to show that together we can end violence in our lifetimes. Please join us.

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