We Are All The Same Inside – Taking Teasing and Bullying Head On

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WOVEN recently sat down with The T.I.M.M.E. Company’s founder, Timothy Bellavia, to hear about his companies mission and progress recently. The company was founded in 2000 with the mission of the company is to combat teasing and bullying in schools by creating a tool to celebrate what we have in common – how different we all are but how much we are also the same.

The company’s first publication, We Are All The Same Inside, earned a Christopher Award nomination. The book addresses the reasons our differences on the outside do not separate us in the most important of ways, who and what we are inside. The primary purpose of the We are All The Same Inside books, hands-on media and line of products is to help young learners embrace our common humanity, while exploring the various aspects of diversity.

The program includes a character named Sage who is an alien from space but has the same internal organs as human beings. It eventually led to Sage doll-making workshops and was even added to the the curriculum on International Day of Tolerance at the United Nations. During the workshop, which teaches tolerance, children read the book, then stuff and sew the blue, inner doll. To adorn and personalize their doll, they create a removable outer covering that depicts skin color, clothing and hair, thus creating outer differences for the same inside doll.

Who the Program Works With
The company reaches out to parent coordinators and school principals for grades K – 3rd mostly. They try to promote ideas with school administrators like, ‘No name calling week’ or ‘No Bullying Week’.

As the visual artist and assistant professor in Touro College’s Graduate School of Education, Bellavia is happy to have such an impact on his students. “I find it most rewarding to hear the gratitude from Touro College graduates saying that they use the proven teaching methods I shared with them in class,” he says. “It’s also touching to hear how much they appreciated my guidance and care during their teaching certification process.”

Recent event was well received!
Timothy recently spoke at the TED Conference in Las Vegas – “Young Academic Music: Using Music (and dolls) to Teach Math”. He was excited to present new Sage dolls including even more characters with favorite heroes and other pop culture icons.

Knowledge and Awareness is Key
The company is hoping that as people gain more knowledge and awareness of what they are all about, the word will spread and help more people. We are also hosting a number of ‘Make and Take’ events, a series of programs where people and children can make a doll and take it home with them, which expands our network. Always looking for those opportunities

Where can you find We Are All The Same Inside: 

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