WOVEN Reacts to Trump’s Apparent Stance on Violence

Posted in: News, Nonviolence, Peacebuilding

Diana Wege, Chairman of the Board and founder of WOVEN, commented this morning:

“To have Donald Trump, a leading presidential candidate, advocate punching someone who opposes his political views is clearly a message in contradiction to WOVEN’s vision of “Peace on Earth.” WOVEN works toward achieving peace.  It has been suggested that Donald Trump should be arrested for inciting a riot.  It is WOVEN’s position that he should be arrested for inciting violence, with his suggestion that an act of violence is appropriate.”

The group is further alarmed and highly concerned that these violent outbreaks have occurred in recent days at Trump rallies in North Carolina, Illinois and Chicago. “This destructive and highly unacceptable pattern of activity surrounding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign must end at once. WOVEN welcomes the opportunity to have dialogue about a possible, peaceful strategy for Trump’s campaign. We want to help Trump honor the feelings of his supporters, and of all Americans, to draw the line when opting to express their feelings with violence.”

WOVEN, a nonprofit organization that is striving to end violence, across the globe, within the next three decades, advocates having everyone on earth work toward “Peace on Earth”, just as holiday cards festively proclaim.  WOVEN is the aggregate of individuals, organizations and communities working internationally who choose peaceful resolutions to situations that result in conflict; supporters refuse to accept violence as an inevitable, incurable norm. The organization is a neutral organization working collaboratively to organize and engineer effective solutions to violence and to provide the resources, support and appropriate platform to achieve the goal of peace.

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